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e-painted aluminum with a 2 mm thickness is developed specially for

Highly Functional Pre-coated Aluminum Sheets, the KS700

1. The advantage of using pre-coated aluminum sheets Pre-coated aluminum sheets

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Low VOC solutions for coil and pre-treated metal. From waterbased primers, monocoats

Aluminum Signs Printing -

SIGNICOLOR is a pre-coated aluminum sheet that combines aesthetics and functionality. The high-quality surface of SIGNICOLOR is ideal for screen and digital printing, laminating and lacquering for aluminum signs. Due to its smooth, high-gloss finish, no further treatment is needed after

Pre-coated aluminum alloy sheet - Aluminum Automobile

Reflectivity. The coating is highly reflective with more than 90% of total reflection. Antifouling property. This pre-coated material lets stains come off easily. Water absorbency water repellency. It has excellent water absorbency and water repellency properties. Insulation. The insulation material has a breakdown voltage of 3.0kV or

Pre-treatment Coated Aluminium Foil|Color Coated Aluminum

Pre-treatment Coated Aluminium Foil. Signi Coat’s pre-treatment coated aluminium foil is degreasing and chemical pre-treatment of aluminium foil. This pre-treatment is applied onto a line equipped with the best technology and it’s designed under the custom engineering concepts of Signi Coat technical group. Its main advantages are the total

Coated Aluminum Coil Sheet - HDM

HDM has innovatively developed pre-coated aluminum coils and aluminum sheets for use in capacitor products. Aluminum coil coated with a polymer layer have excellent heat dissipation performance when used to make electrolytic capacitor shells, reducing weight while ensuring a long service life. Electrolytic Capacitor Materials . High insulation, high

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Color Coated Aluminum Sheet Aluminum Coated Sheets Mainly use. Signs, billboards, building exterior decoration, bus body, high-rise buildings and factories wall decoration, kitchen sink, lamp, fan leaves, with pieces of electronic, chemical equipment, sheet metal processing parts, deep drawing or spinning hollowware, welding parts, heat exchangers,

Pre-coated aluminum alloy sheet - Aluminum Automobile

Pre-coated aluminum alloy sheet Special features Surface treated aluminum sheet features great functionality. No surface treatment is required after processing, which reduces the total cost. Highly reliable coating is achieved on the factory coating line. Types Lubicative aluminum coated sheets Properties Work process Adhesive aluminum

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Pre-painted steel coated on one or both side with polyester paint up to 35 µm; Colaminated steel coated on one or both side with paint and PET film; Available formats. Sheets; Strips; Coil; Dimensions. Thickness of the metal suppor from 0,3 mm to 2 mm / .0118 to .078 inches. Shee Max width 1500 mm / 55.118 inches; Max length 5000 mm / 196.